Ilderan Tales

After The Wolf Moon

Finding a clearing at the side of the woods, the heroes make camp just off of the broken pillars, leave Boba to tend the horses, and head to where the X was drawn on the map. Trying to be as quiet as possible, they creep along the low grass and through the snow, keeping to the cover of the shattered ruins. On occasion, their movement is slowed by a member snapping a snow covered twig, but they make it to the edge of the snow just as the light of day sinks below the horizon.

Those with the vision can see that the snow ends in a perfect, iron circle, but everyone can hear a familiar voice asking “Do you think they’ll come? I had to kill a lot of people to lead them here…” The companion voice, also familiar, complains about being bored, but the first replies that it’s been a week of getting ready, not waiting. The first speaker is The Wolf, and his bored companion is revealed to be Winnifred sitting on a large rock.

At the sound of her friend’s voice, Saena advances in the dark, while the others take a more defensive stance. The Wolf perks at her arrival, and proceeds to move to the center of the circle, cut himself with blade and bleed on the iron, which begins to sizzle and dissolve. While he works, Winnifred draws her double small axes, which turn black in her hands.

Saena instinctively casts a lightning spell at the Wolf, who turns to mist to avoid it, causing Saena to swear under her breath. Elias draws his silver blade and advises Asanja to hold back and run if things go too bad, while Kell rushes forward directly, only to be tripped to the ground. Astaria draws her bow and takes her own position to attack.

Between pummeling Kell, the Wolf breaths a cone of ice at the group, freezing Astaria. Winnifred moves forward, but claims to be unable to see the group (due to a spell Astaria had previously cast). Saena switches tactics and blasts fire at the vampire, hitting him and halting the blood a little. At that point she notices that both the enemies are well equipped in new weapons and black armour for this fight.

From here, the battle reaches a full pitch, with every hero moving in to attack while attempting to avoid their own danger. The Wolf manages to knock Elias to the ground, and fights both prone Rangers at the same time, while still avoiding Saena’s attacks. Only then does the group make their first noticeable attack, when vials of holy water come soaring through the darkness from Asanja, striking the Wolf in the face and burning him.

The tide slowly turning, Kell breaks free from a meager attack from Winnifred and shiftsback from his animal form and rushes his opponent. Just then, Astaria recites powerful magical words, and forces Winnifred to flee from the battle. Elias takes the opportunity to heal and jump back into the fray.

The battle raged with the Wolf still having a tactical advantage until Saena stepped back and called out to ‘Elizabeth’. With that, she sprouts huge, black, bat-like wings, and her entire countenance turns decidedly more demonic. She hovers slightly in the air and as Astaria consecrates the battlefield, refocuses her attacks with a new power. Much to everyone’s shock, Elias also calls out to ‘Elizabeth’, and he also immediately turns demonic, but his wings are of the finest black feathers. He then charges in and slashes the wolf with his sword.

At this, the Wolf suddenly shifts his focus to Asanja, and attacks her, tearing through her armour and flesh in a savage attack. Demonic Saena and Elias push their attacks, but it is Kell that manages to grab a hold of the Wolf and allow an open assault. In the heat of the battle, they do not notice the mist rising from the blood stained iron circle materialize into the form of a woman until the Wolf identifies her as his sister – The Cobra.

The group split their focus on the two vampires, with little effect: The Cobra seems unfazed by Saena’s magic, and soon the Wolf breaks free from Kell’s hold and strikes him, knocking him out cold. The two argue a little until the Cobra insists they leave, and both teleport away from the fray.

Shortly after, Winnifred returns to the battle, and having been ordered to ‘deal’ with the group, decides to strike a bargain of mutual armistice than to continue to fight. Eventually, everyone reluctantly agrees, and Saena and Elias shed off their demonic forms, emerging back to normal and fully healed.

The heroes check on their injured comrades and talk briefly with Winnifred, who informs them of the Wolf’s plans to wake The Raven, then The Litch, and eventually wipe life off the land. In the meantime, they are waking ‘The Sleepers’, an undead army meant to keep anyone who would interfere too busy. It is also revealed to the group that the Wolf is in fact the weakest of the siblings, and that things are only going to get worse from here.

The night again quiet, and the party unsure of themselves or their next course of action, Elias orders them back to the tent to regroup.



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