Ilderan Tales

Arvyn's Roadies meet The Wolf

Level Drain is a Disquieting Sensation

Shortly after Arvyn’s legendary performance for the Wizards pub in Therengrad, a messenger arrived carrying dread missives.

They were delivered in haste, one to each member of the party. The messenger fled before a tip could be offered.

The names of each member of the party, in a careful script, were written in ink black as night on the crisp parchment: Dreg, Jarvin, Arvyn, Nick, Sebald, Billy, Terrance.

With trembling hands the heroes cracked the seals and, with mounting trepidation, they opened their fearful messages.

Their contents, too horrible to be spoken aloud. Death threats, ransom demands, summons of the inquisition… the heroes would have received with gladness in exchange for these… these wedding invitations.

It was true, Dreg’s sister Juna was to be married. The party would have to face an evening of socializing and merriment for which they were wholly unprepared.

The journey to the wedding was uneventful. There was a brief visit to their young friend, the silver Dragon, and a conversation with some Rangers that were trying to pretend there weren’t any undead around.

The wedding went well. Two people got married. According to the invitations, it was the two that were expected to do so. Stories were shared, drinks were drunk, and vows were exchanged. Lovely times.

In order to ruin the event, Dreg’s uncles saddled him with an old family debt to recollect old grave goods left behind during the long wanderings of the dwarves during their exile, generations ago. Nothing about this seemed like a good idea. Buried things should stay that way. After an adequately long guilt trip, Dreg agreed and the party set off to do some grave robbing.

Unfortunately, some undead jerks had beaten them to it.

While on watch, Dreg was pulled by an ancient compulsion towards an area that was being cleared by a group of skeletons under the command of The Wolf.

It seems that the curse that currently possesses Dreg remembers being dismembered by The Wolf in its past life, and that was more than enough reason for Dreg to bash the vampire’s brains out.

Dreg charged, the other members barely catching up in time to see the first swing land.
Skeletons fell like dominoes, but they bought the Wolf enough time to open the vault he’d been uncovering.

While the Wolf, Nick, and Dreg exchanged blows, the vault rose and opened, exposing a Mummy cleric that turned out to also be Wolf’s sister and one of the Undead Generals.

About this time, the wizards had a chance to lay into the Wolf with enough magic missiles to make him worry for his survival. While it was fairly clear that the Vampire and the Mummy could probably kill the party, The Wolf would likely not survive the encounter, so they made a tactical teleporting retreat.

The heroes then returned via hard-march to the wedding to return the grave goods, worry, and sleep.



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