Ilderan Tales

Five Short Graybles

By the following morning, all the members of the party were awake, cured of their paralysis, and that much closer to their respite at Endamos Keep. Once through the familiar city gates, the team takes stock of their needs and most set off to their own devices:

Astaria soon found that The Keep was too small for a professional bowyer, so she took to the private market and soon found a retired, one-handed mercenary named Garad looking to sell some of his gear. Agreeing to meet at the Lively Unicorn, he shows her a beautiful longbow, made of bone, that is more formed than sculpted. After showing her that it has magical, corrosive properties, he asks for 1000 gold. Only having 500 to spend, Astaria considers for a while, but eventually sells her composite bow to Garad to make up the difference. After a few days, she also receives a letter from Melena, and a sending from Magus Thrakun giving them a small bit more information about their demon hive quest.

Saena made her way to Triana’s pub to see if the brewmaster had heard anything about the demon nest. Aside from comments on the hard life of being a frontier farmer, there wasn’t much new news. Over the next few weeks, she practices her spellcasting, trains Ludo, and eventually came across some Kobold homesteaders on the edge of town who were looking to rent out an ancient tower at the edge of their property known as Keleson’s Tor. Looking to set up a place for her and her companions to rest (when able), Saena quickly negotiates with them for ownership, and soon sets to work making the weary structure more habitable.

Looking for a quiet corner to study continue her research, Asanya also finds herself at Triana’s. During her stay, she sends messages to her family back home and putters around town, doing odds and ends to pass the time.

Always his first stop, Elias makes his way through town to the family forge. He’s greeted by his father’s traditional bear hug, and says hello to his growing apprentices, including Kell’s ‘daughter’ Lucy. After some small talk, Elias shows them all Elysium Tempest, which one worker, Tolphad, recognizes as a magic dwarf-forged sword, probably commissioned for a noble 100 years ago. Elias’ (and Kell’s) next stop is the Ranger outpost to meet with Jax Stonefist, head of the region’s Rangers. They exchange information regarding Elias’ report on vampires, and Jax fills him in on reports from the Shadash Wastes, where a group might have had a hand in releasing the Wolf and his siblings. One of them, a bard named Nialarah Iargain Deo, happens to be in the town jail, and Elias resolves to speak to her before heading out of town. Before leaving he gives Jax Aria, the ancient TS sword he acquired in Malkara, as a gift to bring to the citadel.

Kell opts to visit his home outside of town and catch up with Lucy on current events. After visitng Jax with Elias, the pair lend their help to area patrols. Kell notes that things are far quieter than they should be, and on one of these patrols, Kell comes across a Knoll raiding party that had been massacred, their chieftain missing.



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