Ilderan Tales

Maybe going to Slaverpalooza wasn't such a good idea...

Having decided to infiltrate the Slaverpalooza, Asanja and Saena, being the slyest of the bunch cover as buyers with their pets, Kell and Ludo. Elias and Astaria pose as their bodyguards. After a week of travels, they make their way inside with the help of Malia and Asanja. They notice the place has been heavily guarded because of the recent attacks on slaves. While inside, the team splits up to gather information and find other things. Saena tries to find who is in charge and finds Danny et. al. and find out they are there, led by a woman with short grey hair, to start a massacre and ask Saena for her help. She calls for Astaria to help them plan.
Astaria is looking to make money to afford spells and things for the battle against the Wolf. Instead she acquires a stone to add fire power to her bow. A man tells her to follow him and leads her to Saena’s camp.
Elias with Elspie, Asanja’s new crystal parrot, went to find information. He hears talks of the disappearing slaves, hearing key names: Avvar Skadison burnt down a village, Beastal Warlusts is a captain for an unnamed leader. He notices an auction block and notices Aziz there as a guard. Aziz shows him to the auction master’s tent, where he finds Saena.
Asanja and Kell explore the area. Asanja is escorted by an orc to the Tent of the Wandering Night. The slave-filled tent contains Kengar, the Pirate from Saena’s past. Kengar complains that the orc found the wrong Kaleshtari, but asks Asanja about Saena anyway. Asanja states she doesn’t know her. Still skeptical of Asanja’s lie, he lets her go, but also sends attendants to follow her. Kell manages to bite the ankles of the people following her, flying off as Asanja runs away.
After hearing Danny’s team’s plan, the group decides to head out, passing Galinor, and discuss in a hut outside.
At around 2am, the group hears loud noises and fire from where the auction house is. By the time they get there, the place is filled with Chaos. Winifred is there and tells the team “you shouldn’t be here…”



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