Ilderan Tales


Arriving back from their slow march to the Tor, the party splits off to their own devices:

Elias heads to the ranger outpost at the Keep to report his findings to Stonefist. When he arrives, he finds that Jax is not there, but a message is left that another group of adventurers had already freed the Raven. Realizing that all the Lich’s family are now free, doubt takes over and the ranger wanders his way back to his family home, not reappearing at the Tor for a few weeks.

Kell soon reports to the Tor as well, and in finding the same note left for Elias, makes inquiries about the other group of heroes and finds out they are the Heroes of Mistbough out of Therengrad. For the next few weeks, Kell opts to train with his friend Lucas.

Astaria stays at the Tor for most of the time, at first helping the newly freed slaves settle into their freedom and new lives in Endamos, and then spends most of her free time in quiet reflection, speaking with her mentor Jengir and training. She is also the first of the party to find the note left by Saena.

Asanja, wanting to be of more value to the group, seeks the help of Astaria’s mentor Jengir, to help her better understand her Kalistari nature, and to learn to fight better with her new blade.

Saena, feeling guilty for everything that has happened, decides to find out more about herself and her past. She leaves a note for the group to find, and sets off to the last place she knew her family lived…

Several weeks after their encounter with the Lich, the heroes have all made their way back to the Tor. Once everyone is together, Kell shows them the treasures he had taken from the Master of Morass’ vault: they all received 10 000 gold pieces for their travels, and then divided up a wide sword belt of giant strength, a behemoth belt of fortification, fancy dragonskin gloves with emblazed with the crest of an open hand, a once Riladorian pirate hat, and an amulet with the mark of some long lost house.

Astaria soon receives a sending from Magus Thrakun warning them that the Phalanx visited him regarding the questions he was asking about the Wolf, and that they implied they would be visiting the heroes soon. A sudden knock on the door does not bode well, but when it is opened it reveals a Kalishtari woman looking for Elias.

Elias introduces her as Malia, the woman who had originally hired them to free the slavers at the broken tower ruins. She informs them that around the same time, several key political figures had been assassinated, but her major news is something has been almost completely annihilating the slave trade – camps of slavers have been left as entire bloodbaths but with no bodies found anywhere. At this point, Elias tells her all about their adventures from tower, and about the Wolf and the vampire menace. Taking in this information, Malia surmises that they’re probably going to target the huge slave trade that she had mentioned months back.

She also mentions that there has been a rash of people having their shadows stolen. Pooling their knowledge, the adventurers hazard that this might be the Emiscari – a society of shadow mages from the Crag who are raised with no names. She has heard that this had happened in a western village named Treya, but the Heroes of Mistbough liberated the town. They ask her to broker as much information on this as she can, as there appears to be a connect to their group and those who most recently have had their shadows stolen.

As they speak, another knock on the door brings Evarel, an agent of the Phalanx. She is a taller, awkward lady with blonde hair, and is very clear with us that she is not angry with us, just that the Phalanx are also looking into the vampire mess and are looking to get as much information as possible. She informs us that the Raven rose from a Dwarven graveyard wwest of the Asaro Citadel, and that since the rising, heroes have been dying along the Archenbough, implying the start of a well trained army.

Elias tells Everal about Kevran and the Lich, and we learn this same thing happened approximately 1114 years ago, so information is sparse. To aide us, she gives us a small sculpture that acts as a war room: a Draconian spell that holds up to eight occupants and cannot be scryed. Afterwards, Jengir gives her as much information as he can about the Master of Morass, but keeps a bit from her about the position of the stars the night it awoke. Soon, she leaves, and we decide to head to the slavers market.



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