Ilderan Tales

Out out brief candle

Or - the one where we help the wrong person

After the battle with the Neogi, our heroes regroup to heal, helping Elias and Asanja to stay on their feet in case they need to fight again.

Having confirmed that Jengir wasn’t dead there in that pile, they move on to find The Master’s cave, but they do so in camoflague. Elias smears some muck on himself. And most of the others follow suit to sneak past the Neogi and get to the cave the Master lives in… At least, to TRY and get to the right cave.

The group heads out, with various success on being stealthy, creeping along and seeing lines of slaves walking along in among the caves. Time passes and our group gets very deep into the Neogi territory, slipping past several patrols with Asanja in the lead. Tension is in the air.

Kevran and Astaria stay in the back where Astaria is keeping him calm and focused, but he gets agitated as he notices a group of slaves polishing coins. Astaria looks over and sees that one of them is Jengir. She leans forward and taps Saena to point out Jengir to her, Saena taps Asanja, stopping the group.

Astaria looks about and notices that there are no Neogi around, they seem to avoid the cave, but she also notices something unusual in the mud, a small and worn black scale. She looks at it carefully and determines that it is probably from a Dragon. She whispers to Saena “Are you ready to possibly fight a dragon?” Saena is not exactly pleased with that thought, hoping though that if there IS a dragon, that it is on their side.

Astaria sneaks forward, the group moving with her. The edge of the circle touches Jengir and the slaves on either side of him. One of them tries to get up, but Jengir stops them and the three become aware but strangely keep polishing the coins. Astaria mind links with Jengir and fills him in on the situation. He is not exactly pleased about the way this has gone but informs Astaria that The Master is a large Black Dragon and if the slaves see any other slave acting strangely, they run to get help. The situation seems… confusing.
Astaria jumps into the middle of the slaves and all are suddenly free from their mind control. “I’m going to try and get you all out of here.” She tells them. The circle won’t last much longer, but the plan becomes to get out as fast as possible. The problem then becomes: how to get everyone out of here?

Kell runs into the Dragon’s cave to look for a second exit, Saena asks the slaves if they can help at all and gives her Rapier to one of the elves. Asanja is confused as to what to do and moves into the circle. Elias is watching Kevran and trying to keep him calm but Kevran wants to continue into the cave.

Kell finds that the cavern is very large and full of treasure, a true dragon’s horde of coins, jewels, armour and swords, artifacts and other fancy things everywhere. But the one thing he does not find in this incredible cave of wonders is a second exit. He sees that the imprint left by the dragon is large, like, house size large.

He returns to the group to inform them of this then takes the desperate Kevran back into the cave with Asanja following.

Planning among the others is more like arguing. The group all have different ideas. Elias wants the group to rescue themselves, Astaria and Saena want to rescue everyone.

Kell and Asanja take Kevran into the dragon’s horde cavern trying to figure out what he needs there, he becomes more and more agitated the closer he gets. There are several McDuck’s of treasure around them including the burned out husk of a Warforged. Kell begins looking for anything that might be useful to the cause and takes a few pocketfulls of treasure.

Kevran finally moves over to a candle, steadily glowing blue in a corner of the room and simply snuffs it out with his fingers.

Asanja questions why but Kevran doesn’t know why. He questions why the dragon isn’t there, it’s shouldn’t need to hunt. He seems confused but nothing special is happening. He finds it… anti-climactic. His fingers are slightly burned.

Kell moves to the warforged to see if it can help it, or then if it can scavenge parts off of it, stealing the magic componants from the warforged.

As this happens, Kevran seems to snap back to himself. He starts talking about how ‘they’ buried his children and how he understands why they did it. He’s smoking, starting to burn and Kell and Asanja start backing away. His skin begins flaking off as he begins burning from the inside, though he doesn’t notice. He is talking about what he did to his children, his youngest. He suddenly remembers why the dragon is not there.

Kell moves between Kevran and Asanja who is backing away, still retreating towards the mouth of the cave.

Kell asks why the dragon wasn’t there and Kevran tells them that the Dragon did not want to be there for the part when Kevran wakes. He is an immortal. He begins moving towards the exit, his skin burned away. Kell sends Asanja to tell the others what is happening and continues leading Kevran out of the cave.

Asanja returns to the cave and tells the rest of the group to run, which, not surprisingly, they don’t do. Instead Elias heads to the cave as Astaria tries to put them to sleep and back away so the others can return to work. Jengir tells Astaria “Good Luck” but it sounds more like “Good Bye.” Astaria casts Protection from Evil on him.

At this point Kell emerges from the cave, walking backwards, followed by Kevran who stops and addresses the group. Who all seem… stunned. Saena asks what he is and he responds he doesn’t have a name, he’s just immortal.

He cautions them against fighting him. And speaks of his children again. He doesn’t seem to want to fight the group. He decides to free the group instead but at that point Saena speaks up and confirms what they all already know, that the Wolf, the Raven, the Cobra… they are his children.

Saena refuses to be helped by this thing. She is poised to leave and refuses to have him help her.

The others seem to be willing to go with the Litch but Saena refuses. Kevran, the Litch, snaps his fingers and a blast of silence flies through the room, deafening Saena. She remains standing but he tells them that if he knocks her out they will take her but they better do it soon because he’s getting bored.

Astaria turns and attempts to hits Saena with the bow but misses.

Kell steps between the two, shoving Astaria towards Elias and Saena turns and bolts out the door.

Without missing a beat Elias moves between the Litch and the rest of the group and Astaria turns and shoots Saena in the back with an arrow. Jengir picks her up and brings her back close to the others . They take the Litch’s deal, Astaria insisting that the slaves are brought with them , though two are trying to run. Kell and Asanja keep the two there.

There is a horribly disconcerting feeling when suddenly none of them feel like they exist anymore and then they do, back in reality with a unpleasant lurch.

Astaria moves to run to Saena but before she can get there, Kell hauls off and tries to hit her, but misses. Astaria takes Saena in her arms , removes the arrow from her back and heals her. Saena tries to get away but Astaria won’t let go despite Saena telling her to. Elias walks over as Saena tries to cast a spell to switch places with Kell but it fails and again she tells Astaria to let go but she doesn’t. Elias grabs Astaria and Saena frees herself.

The party is alive, but are they whole?



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