Ilderan Tales

Something About a Crazy Old Man

Deciding not to waste any more time, the group sends Boba to the keep to update the rangers on the Wolf’s happenings. Meanwhile, the rest of the group make way toward Tharaka Morass to save Astaria’s friend, Jengir. The Theraka Morass is where the Neogi live – slavers that mind-control their victims, forcing them to do their bidding. And sometimes become food.
The group are stopped by a stagnant river, too sulphuric for life, to wide to swim. Kell takes his time to learn about the river, as the rest of the group notice a dock not too far away. Nearby is a cottage where a very old man lives. The old man is confused and forgetful, having gone mad through years of poor water and general elderlyness. Eventually, he introduces himself as Kevran. He agrees to take everybody across the river as the horses stay behind. While crossing the river, they notice the old man has a journal-like notebook, written in several ancient languages. When they get to the other side, Kevran insists on leading everyone into the Neogi, tapping trees as he passes by them, as if, although his mind had forgotten where he was going, but his body never forgot. As they approach the Neogi, the darkness deepens as the snow turns warm and brown. Staying quiet and careful as they explore the area, the adventurers see a Naogi and two ogres in the distance. Deciding to find another way in, Kevran leads everyone to the spawning pits.
In the pits, they find pools of larvae and baby Neogi swimming around. A pile of dead bodies are heaped in a pile of recently deceased. Astaria searches the pile for someone she might recognize, in case the quest turns out a failure. As she searches, a large Naogi appears behind them, spawning new Neogi. Astaria casts Circle of protection on herself to avoid it’s mind-control, and the group sets to work, destroying the Master. Kevran joins in, apparently a wizard. With his help, the group easily defeats her, as yet another creature emerges from the darkness. Asanja, Kevran , Saena and Astaria avoid its confusion and attack the beast, as Kell runs away and Elias is infatuated by a rock. Kevran gives the final blow to the creature and Saena takes out the final baby Neogi.
With no sign of Jengir, the adventurers heal their wounds and continue on their search.



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