Age: 19
Height: 5’1"
Race: kalashtari
Hair: chestnut, short
Eyes: Silver
From: Fisherbrook

Asanja is the 7th of 8 children, she has 6 older brothers and a younger sister. At the age of 16 she became a devotee of Dakarai, changing her name to one that befits her god. Shortly after her 18th birthday she set out on her travels, aiming to research all the peoples of the land so she can best accommodate them at the series of way stations she hopes to set up.

She’s not used to travelling in a group, but at the same time she is glad to be back amongst friends. She has a guilt complex, and does her best to be friendly so everyone. She does have a sense of humour however, and is always up for a prank or two.

When drunk she has been known to speak/write in an unintelligible dialect that seems only to make sense to her.

Due to her family being the only Kalashtari family in their town, Asanja has been brought up with rudimentary knowledge of her people, but more with the customs and habits of the humans she lives amongst. As such, her secret shame is she does not know her own people, and part of her search for knowledge centres around this. Elias is the only person she would ever admit this to however.

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