Corrin no longer lives in the same world he grew up with. Coming from a wealthy family of merchants from Maharashtra, he knew only the comforts of life; went to the finest schools, ate like royalty, and was taught of the arts, history, literature. After an argument with his father over 30 years ago about his decision to not carry on the family business, Corrin left home and has not returned since.

Treasure hunting has become his main focus in life, and he seeks to become famous because of it. Most of what Corrin finds he sends to his brother, Finsy, who owns a pawn shop in one of the small coastal towns.

Corrin feels most comfortable on his own, having lost contact with most of his friends throughout his life. He carries around his best friend, a weasel named Fidget, inside a hidden compartment in his robe. After saving the weasel’s life, Fidget returned the favour and saved Corrin’s. The two have been working together for nearly two years, and even without the aid of spells are beginning to understand each other.

With the aid of his new friends, Corrin hopes to make his treasure hunting life a little easier. The jobs are getting a little too dangerous, and the treasure a little too heavy. While not exactly a selfless reason to team up with others, Corrin is slowly becoming more familiar with the party, and is beginning to warm up to them again. Maybe he’ll even consider them friends soon.

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