Elias Blackthorne

Six-foot tall Ranger with fierce blue eyes, sharp features, and the most beautiful sword you have ever seen


•Elias was born to a wealthy middle-class family in Edamos Keep

•Elias’ father Elias I was a highly respected ex-swordfighter and current blacksmith, and Elias would spend many hours with his father in the shop learning the ways of weapons and practicing with them. Elias I is a strong man with a good heart, and loves his family dearly.

•His mother, Amaline is a retired ship’s captain who had built herself a reputation of both honesty and fierce competition. She retired to raise her family once Elias, much to the dismay of her many contacts and crew. She has travelled to many exotic lands and always returns with some small trinket for her kids

•Elias has a younger brother named Drake who grew up trying to emulate his brother in almost every way and would eventually follow in his footsteps and become a Ranger

•Elias grew up with the nobility of his parents, and his mother’s sense of adventure, translating into him seeking to join the local Rangers. In the Rangers, Elias excels, and is soon tasked to travel, promoting the order and maintaining peace where he can.

•Has an Elvish sponsor / master who takes him in named Adolphus

Character Sheet

Elias Blackthorne

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