A wild and reckless human girl who has lived most of her life on a Rilador ship called The Wandering Night


Saena of Kangar is a human girl who has spent more of her life on board the Rilador ship The Wandering Night. Her town, a small village just outside of Malkara was sacked by raiders when she was only 6 and a large section of the town was taken prisoner on the ship to be sold, tortured or eaten. Before any of these fates befell her though, the ship was attacked by the Rilador and Saena used the distraction to attack her captors. An Orc named Kangar saw this little human girl beating on the raider who had captured her. He thought she was pretty impressive so took her in and kept her as a slave on The Wandering Night.

At the age of 13, Kangar freed Saena and made her a member of his crew. She spent the next 4 years as a pirate but while climbing the rigging to repair the sail during one day, a storm came up quickly and she was hit by lightening, thrown into the sea and nearly drowned. Kangar managed to rescue her but from that night on strange things began happening. There would be strange shocks and lightening strikes around her. People got hurt and finally, Kangar asked her to leave the ship. She was devastated but obeyed and headed off to learn to control her new powers and redeem herself in Kangar’s eyes.

After a while on this journey Saena began to look at Kangar’s actions in a different light. She is still attempting to discover herself, but no longer intends to return to Kangar and the Wandering Night.


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