Ilderan Tales

Camping is Hard Work
1 out of 10. Campsite has an ankheg problem. Would not stay again.

A group of travelers is moving South on the road between Athtia and Radcerinaburis. The whole area was once forest, but now the road goes around the dense wood, since the scary things started eating people. The party eventually makes camp. Orn takes first watch, Demona takes second and Trinn takes third. (Thereby agreeing to make breakfast.)

During first watch, Orn notices a conspicuous silence – very few animal sounds, for hiding out by a forest. Orn hides in some plants close to Trinn. Nothing happens, but the forest remains very quiet. Orn wakes Demona for watch number two. When Demona has been roused and is mobile, Orn sneaks behind Demona and alerts her that there is something nearby. (The disembodied voice of Orn coming from behind Demona is not alarming; this is common behaviour from Orn.) They feel a rumble in the ground beneath them. Something large bursts through the ground in the centre of the camp. [GM unrolls grid mat. Ominous.]

A huge segmented insect with little clawed legs and powerful mandibles, dripping with acidic venom bursts out of the ground in an explosion of rock. [It’s an ankheg, but the party may or may not know that.] Orn immediately draws his pistols and fires twice, over each of Demona’s shoulders. One of the bullets puts a large hole in its exoskeleton, and the other misses the creature. Demona stands up and quickly draws her short sword, slashing at it. She strikes a blow, and the wounded monster ducks down and grabs Demona with its mandibles. It swings her around like a rag-doll and throws her back where she came from. She collapses in an unconscious heap. Trinn, who was still sleeping at this point, rouses herself and draws her sword which shines in the low light. Trinn flails about in her bedroll ineffectually, not even drawing the creature’s attention, never mind doing damage.

Orn uses his healing belt to revive Demona, then leaps to the side in order to flank the monster. Demona stands up, ducking under another swing of the monster’s mandibles, and swings with her short sword, which clatters against its hide. Trinn disentangles herself from her bedroll, hacking at the thing with her sword of Solarian true-steel. It carves through the shell and smelly, acidic guts are spilled all over the campsite. The creature whirls around and clamps down on Trinn’s sword arm, trying to tear the sword from her hand. Her sword arm is heavily damaged.

Orn draws his two swords and slashes away, as the creature’s attention is focused on maiming Trinn. He slips under the thing and slits its underside. Acidic blood leaks all over him and stains his clothes. The bug starts to collapse on top of him, and he attempts to tumble away. The bug collapses on top of him, leaving him partially inside. He cuts his way free, none the worse for wear.

The campsite is full of dead ankheg. Orn looks for something to take as a trophy, and ends up taking an antenna from the monster. The party salvages some guts that could be edible or useful. Orn digs his bullet out of the body, ‘cause that shit’s expensive. Orn uses the last charge of his healing belt for the day to repair Trinn’s sword arm as best he can.

Trinn and Orn go back to sleep, and Demona resumes her watch. The wildlife sounds resume. Demona paces for the remainder of her watch. When it comes time, she wakes Trinn and settles down to sleep. After a few hours, Trinn notices a shift in the wind, and a coppery, urine-like smell on the breeze that she does not recognize. Nothing else is unusual, so she waits watchfully. She fries up some dead giant bug for breakfast.

The other two wake up and notice the smell as well, and recognize it as the smell of a tannery and dye place. Bug breakfast is delicious.

Legends of Majdan
Vanguards of the Realm

Chapter One: What Lies Beneath

The market and tavern life of Volos is alive with regular activity: items to buy, sell, trade and learn from. Everything and nothing catch the eye of Lazura as she made her way from stall to stall, eventually finding relief from the crowd in one of the quieter taverns. Her eyes adjusting to the dark, she is surprised to see a familiar face at the bar: the swrod for hire Uther DeBarco. Her presence is enough to rouse Uther from his stupor, and the two reminisce of their previous adventures rousting Dire Badgers and laying Wights to their final rest. His bottle near empty, Lazura is able to coax them both back out on to the street, to explore what the market has to offer.

The Volos trade community is an excellent place to find maps and documents of unique magical importance, and many young scholars travel here to research tomes and return the information to their cloisters. The young man known to some as Preacher is no exception, and were he ever to pull his nose from the latest book or ancient scroll, he might have noticed either the fanfare or the surly man he walked headlong into, knocking himself to the ground. By some divine chance of fortune, Preacher looks up to notice the man is Uther and his companion Lazura, whom Preacher had shared in the adventure with the Wight, and he immediately conscripts them into his mission to reveal the secrets of his newfound half-map. Amused at the circumstance and with nothing else to do, they accept.

After a stay over to approve of his new quest with his superiors, Preacher leads the group to Isard, a major port city that is home to the greatest wizarding academy in the region. Much of the city was sieged during the last great war, and the magical community worked to fortify the walls for their mutual protection. Preacher pays the way for the group into the city walls to establish the next leg of their journey, and that night Lazura makes camp in the nearby woods, with Uther offering to take the first watch.

As Uther sits, he becomes aware of a scuttling sound slowly moving towards their camp, but the darkness reveals no visible intruder. As the sound gets closer and seems to be coming from all points around them, Uther rouses Lazura and the two step out by the fire, just as an ankheg burrows through the tent, attacking the party. With lightning speed, Uther attacks the beast, fnding himself taking much damage throughout the fight. Lazura joins the fight, transforming into a monstrous kimono dragon, slashing and biting at the great beast, while Preacher, between commentaries on the ankheg, uses his magic to fortify the combatants.

Eventually, the ankheg takes enough punishment to flee back under the ground, but does not make it far as Uther stabs it in the head, killing it. The group is left to regroup and lick their multiple, multiple wounds.

The Session from the Sky
in which everything bad that happens comes from above

We Woke up in Athtia.

After Traveling for 2-3 hours we come across a hand cart that seems unattended. Then we hear a cry for help.

We look up and see a colourfully dressed man grabbing onto a tree branch and holding a bunch of ropes attached to some cloth balloons that seem to be floating. It’s a halfling named Randolph.

Lukas climbs up the tree to him with the rope and manages to rescue the balloons and Randolph, though it is a precarious sort of deal. Lukas ends up hanging from a rope with the balloons and on Randolph’s urging lets go. Randolph leaps after him, says one word and their fall slows.

In the meantime, a buzzing noise was heard. While floating Lukas spots a swarm of steel bugs of some sort.

Clockwork Menders are our enemies. Creatures from the great Machine, not common on the Prime Material plane. Hopefully we handle this swarm well.

Lukas uses a flaming sphere and Gretel and Sela fight fiercely and the swarm disperses.

Randolph isn’t looking very good so we decide to escort him back to Athtia. On the way, Randolph tells us about a spring in these woods that causes things to float when it’s put into them. In thanks, Randalph gives Gretal a purple balloon. We then start heading back towards Treva.

We travel safely until night, where we come accross a clearing to camp at. It’s unfortuneatly occupied by a gaunt looking humanoid, with a silver broadsword accross his back. He sniffs at us and talks to us in a language we don’t understand. Turns out he’s a Githyanki, a race of soldiers and pirates from the astral plane. Tend to be not nice.

Gretel and Sela stand there, staring at him, concerned because he might hurt people if we leave him, but we’re not sure. Lukas circles around, looking to see if it is alone. So Gretel, as is her want to do, decides to call a weapon to hand, prompting him to attack. An attack which is swiftly returned by Sela and Lukas.

Gretel feels bad about this ass whooping and so decides not to kill him.

After accepting the surrender, Gretal and Sela use Gretals rope to tie him up. Sela doesn’t seem to be much help, but Gretal finally ties him up. The plan seems to be to interogate him in the morning.

During the night, a Manticore shows up looking for food. It circles our camp at 35 feet in the air, and shoots spikes at us.

Our prisoner jumps up and grabs his weapons (having freed himself) he attacks on our side, trying to help us defeat the Manticore.

In the process of the fight, the Githyanki goes down and Gretel uses her healing belt to help him (under cover of obscuring mist, so Sela and Lukas don’t know). From that point on, the Githyanki seems to follow Gretel around and guard her.

We fight the Manticore, all four of us, we drive the manticore off twice but it keeps coming back, attacking in the mist. At one point, the Githyanki gives Gretel his great sword with a roll of his eyes.

During the fight, Lukas goes down but doesn’t die. Gretel gives up the ghost on the crossbow and gets her trusty Halberd back, giving the Githyanki his great sword back.

Gretel and Sela can’t hit a damned thing to save their lives and finally we get out of the damned mist and get prepared to kill the Manticore… so of course, it leaves.

Sela decides to go back and return to sleeping, which Gretel isn’t exactly pleased with the idea of. She elects to keep her watch going.

The rest of the night seems to pass uneventfully.

In the morning, Lukas heals us a bit more before we head out for the day and the Githyanki packs up to join us.


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