The calendar of Temir is, like many other calendars, deeply rooted in the religion and culture of the region. The new year begins in midsummer, and the months are fewer and longer than on the traditional Gregorian calendar, each month named for one of the gods of the three thrones.

Arman: June 21st to Aug 1st.
Keres: Aug 2nd to Sept 10th.
Erzulie: Sept 11th to Oct 20th.
Tural: Oct 21st to Nov 29th.
Nurzhan: Nov 30th to Jan 9th.
Anargul: Jan 10th to February 18th.
Gulnur: February 19th to March 30th.
Serik: March 31st to May 10th.
Almaz: May 11th to June 20th.

Every four years, Nurzhan the conqueror wrests another day from the aether, a holy day revered by worshippers of the Onyx throne, and feared by honest folk.

The days of the week however, are set out by the old gods, rather than the Ivory Throne. Radical clerics have occasionally attempted to introduce a less heretical calendar in this regard, but their efforts have as yet failed. The days of the week are Dakesi, Jelesi, Leresi, Nkesi, Sanesi, Xolesi, and Zuresi.


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