Political factions play an integral role in Temir. Their alliances and wars shape the fate of the region. Membership comes with perks and opportunities for advancement, but also with responsibilities.

The Aecha Ostai, the Wizards by the Coast
The Aecha Ostai are the oldest wizard’s guild in the region, scholars and sorcerers who run Temir’s only university.

The Church of the Ivory Throne
The Church of the Ivory Throne is the dominant religious dogma of Temir, embracing the god Arman as the lawgiver. From their massive cathedral in Satu Mare, they oversee tens of thousands of the faithful.

The Rilador, Pirates of Volos
Flying under the flag of the crimson wyvern, these pirates sail where the wind takes them. Some are dashing scoundrels, some senseless butchers.

The Taer’Sulei, the Frontier Rangers
The frontier rangers have long protected the cities by the sea from the beasts of the wilds and the armies of Scything Crag, but as time goes on, they’ve fallen out of favour, and struggle to maintain their patrols.

The Tanril Agezar, the Empty Hand
The spies and assassins of the Empty Hand are said to serve an ancient prophecy, and keep their affiliation a secret from others. Forever loading the dice of fate, they might pass one and other on the street and never know.

The Therengrad Spellbinder’s Ring, War Wizards
Newcomers to the Temir scene, the TSR are wizards of action, born in the thrill of battle and the chase, preferring to keep their feet on the ground rather than soar in a tower.

Camonna Tong
A criminal organization from the Xiang Empire to the east, the Camonna Tong have been steadily establishing themselves in Temir over the past century, bringing with them organized crime and criminal entrepreneurship.

Five Lakes Tribes
Made up of humans, minotaurs, and centaurs, the Five Lakes Tribes live apart from the Cities and the Crag, preferring to find their own way in the wilderness of Temir.


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