Ilderan Tales

Slightly boring but still eventful

Waiting for the inevitable

The adventurers received a note from the Rangers, expressing that a war is starting in the north. While the letter is being read, the group blacks out, having the feeling of leaving reality then returning, similar to the feeling they had while leaving the dragon’s den with the Lich. Turns out everyone around experienced this feeling. No one is familiar with the feeling and it is clearly strange and widespread.
Malia tells the group that two of the heroes are returning as PitFight champions. The Wolf and Cobra appeared during the tournament and started attacking. The beserker managed to take them and the sleepers down, but also turned on his team and had to be taken down by his team members. During the fight, Cobra was killed and the Wolf got away. The same night, guards and the Templar took down the Sleepers that attacked Satu Mare. The heroes of Misbow have disappeared.
Deciding to join the march, the heroes along with Lucy and others, march north to the Shadesh Wastes to Lake Rapose. Thrakun is there and is haunted. He met the other team, tried to kill the necromancer and hasn’t slept a lot since then. He told us that Terrance erased Cobra from reality and that was the strange feeling we felt earlier.
The adventurers stay at the camp site for several weeks. Astaria had hallowed the area, giving it magical properties defending against evil and undead. Most people are training waiting for more troupes to arrive. Boba arrives with the warriors of Malkara; Knoll, who was saved with Jengir, arrives with 3000 warriors. The Rangers and his army attempting to keep an allied front until this war is over. Astaria finds that Nualla had left second piece of broken blade in the snow for her. Astaria has them magically affixed to arrows, giving her two arrows.
Elizabeth arrives and takes a key from Elias, trying one more time to tempt those who still have their souls.
Saena finds several people of interest: an ex-Rillador cannoneer, a 15-year-olf girl eating jam atop a pile of treasures and a Kaleshtari telepath.
Elias and Kell spend a lot of time in the command tent; scouts and divinations aren’t working well. The Keep bard is going razier, mentioning things she sees, talking about fase memories, a “beholder wife”, flying undead, skeletons and bodaks. She mentions “Astraka’an is the warrior prime”
Asanja travels around the camp and finds that most warriors have a good idea about what they are fighting, but no one has any real details. She tries her best to boost morale around the tent. Astaria makes her way to find the tacticians and offer her expertise.
When they regroup, they come across Terrance, who tells them about his group and that his team has found shards similar to ones Astaria has – no one knows quite what to do with them though.
Saena and Astaria go to see her brother Stearn. It’s pretty awkward.
Before retiring for the night is that the keep bard, who is also at the camp appears to be going crazier. She is seeing things and having false memories and mentions a “beholder wife”.
So thus, the day ends, slightly uneventful, but everyone is anxious about the inevitable battle ahead and doing their best to maintain high spirits.



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